Mixing of Cocoa powder with other Cocoa powders and/or other ingredients, for example sugar, milk powder or lecithin into a premix or end product is one of our specialties. For this we use different type of mixers, 3 paddle mixers, a nauta mixer and a ribbon mixer. The recipes are prepared with the up most care by our expert employees, so that it will give a perfect homogeneous product. In every recipe we can, depending on your wishes, blend in up to a maximum of 8 different ingredients. Of course we are taking the allergens into account.


After the mixing we are able to pack your Cocoa powder accordingly to your wishes in:

  • FIBC’s (big bags)
  • 25 kg valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • 50 lbs (22.68 kg) valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • Any other by the customer specified packaging

Of course we can palletize in different forms and pallet sizes and eventually store and load at any desired moment.