Grinding cocoamass/cocoabutter

Grinding cocoamass/cocoabutter

Besides cocoacake we are also able to grind cocoamass and cocoabutter into powder.

Before we can grind cocoamass or cocoabutter into powder we have to “chip” the product. (the product is mostly delivered to us in blocks of 25 kg)

This means we decrease the product into a granulate of 1 mm till 5 cm.

By means of a by our self developed cryogen grinding process we will get the job done. This makes our company unique in the world. These high fat products can only be packed in open top bags.


After grinding we usually pack your cocoamass- or cocoabutterpowder in:

  • 25 kg bags (open top bags)
  • 50 lbs (22.68 kg) bags (open top bags)

Of course we can palletize in different forms and pallet sizes and eventually store and load at any desired moment. Also we can put any by the customer desired text.on labels or inktjet.