Bulk loadings

Bulk Loadings

Storage of Cocoa powder and package materials is in good hands at Loos Cacao B.V. In our warehouse in De Goorn (5900 m2) your products are stored under the correct hygienic and conditioned circumstances. Most of the time the raw materials are being stored in our own warehouse and will be transported just before processing to the production line. In the same way the end products immediately after production are transported to our own warehouse.


Naturally the warehouses are also available just for storage of Cocoa products. We offer you the possibility to load trucks and different sizes of sea containers (Also push and pull loading without pallets is possible). All the transport equipment is being inspected for suitability before they are used to load the Cocoa products (dirt, smell, moist). Also the loading of bulk trucks takes place here. The bulk truck is parked in a closed area where it is being filled with the Cocoa powder that comes from a separate clean room. Before going into the bulk truck the Cocoa powder first passes sieves and magnets systems.