Conditioned Warehouse

Conditioned Warehouse

To anticipate on future demands for storage and processing of food supplies Loos Cacao B.V. build in 1999 a complete new almost fully conditioned warehouse. This warehouse with a surface of 2100 m2 is situated close by in the village De Goorn. The combination of the white sanitary institution and being build accordingly to the latest safety demands, it is possible to store in this warehouse i.e Cocoa, sugars, and other highly valued food supplies in a safe way.

In 2004 this warehouse is expanded with 3800 m2 up to 5900 m2 and became one of the largest warehouses on the industrial park. With loading docks, preparations for expanding our silo park and a special space for loading and unloading of bulk transport Loos Cacao B.V. can forfill in all the needs of the customers.


Storing cocoa powder and packaging materials is in good hands at Loos Cacao BV. In our storage premises in De Goorn (5900 m2) your products are stored under proper hygienic and climatic conditions. In many cases, the raw materials for processing, and after processing the finished product is held in our own storage until they can be brought to the production-facility at the right time, or they can be loaded to your customers.

We can also just store the goods without doing anything to the products. We offer the possibility to load into trucks and various sizes of containers (including push and pull shipments without pallets). All means of transport are pre-inspected for suitability for loading of cocoa products (dirt, odor and moisture). Also, the loading of bulk cars takes place here, the bulk car is located in a closed space wherein the cocoa powder is loaded from a separate cleanroom through sieves and magnets.