Grinding cocoacake

Grinding cocoacake

After the cocoabutter (fat) is being pressed from the cocoaliquor, cocoacake remains. Loos Cacao B.V. is able to grind cakes with a fat percentage of 10-12% into cocoa powder. It is also possible to grind cocoa cakes with a fat percentage of 0 % (light). The sieve residue of the cocoa powders is depending on the type of cocoacake and the pre-grinding conditions during the production of the cocoacake. For the grinding of the cocoacakes we have two grinding lines to our disposal. One hammer mill and one classifier mill. With this last mill it is possible to grind on a specific fineness.

The grinding of the cocoa powders is being done with the greatest possible care. Every grinding line is specially build for the grinding of cocoa and being provided with several magnet and sieves, so that a constant quality anf food safety for your product is always guaranteed.


After grinding we can pack your Cocoa powder accordingly to your wishes in:

  • FIBC’s (big bags)
  • 25 kg valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • 50 lbs (22.68 kg) valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • Any other by the customer specified packaging

Of course we can palletize in different forms and pallet sizes and eventually store and load at any desired moment. Also we can put any by the customer desired text.on labels or inktjet.