The sieving of Cocoa powder at Loos Cacao B.V. is integrated in every production process. In every production line a sieve (or multiple sieves) is installed. This gives our customers and our self a safe feeling. The sieves that we use vary, depending on the nature of the product, between 0,2 and 3 mm. We use drum sieves as well as flat bottom sieves. Of course we are also able to only sieve any amount of Cocoa powder without performing any other unit operation to the product.


After sieving we are able to pack your cocoa powder accordingly to your wishes in:

  • FIBC’s (big bags)
  • 25 kg valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • 50 lbs (22.68 kg) valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • Any other by the customer specified packaging

Of course we can palletize in different forms and pallet sizes and eventually store and load at any desired moment.