The “reconditioning” of Cocoa powder is at Loos Cacao B.V. a well-known phenomenon. Actually it has been the start of the Cocoa processing within our company, and has laid the basis for the knowledge and experience, which we nowadays use with all our processes. Over the years this specialization has brought us many assignments.

At the reconditioning of the Cocoa powder, whereby one ore more specifications are out of limits, it is being corrected in such a way that the product is within the desired specifications. The reconditioning can consist of different treatments, sieving, grinding, mixing and or de-ironing with magnets. For every lot of Cocoa powder our skilled employees will find the right treatment to get a good as possible result.


After reconditioning we are able to pack your Cocoa powder accordingly to your wishes in:

  • FIBC’s (big bags)
  • 25 kg valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • 50 lbs (22.68 kg) valve bags (folding spout or ultrasonic closing)
  • Any other by the customer specified packaging

Of course we can palletize in different forms and pallet sizes and eventualy store and load at any desired moment.